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Icy Juice: My personal colour scheme

Stefan Bauer

I am picky when it comes to colour schemes. Themes have to be dark, but not too dark. Colours have to be bright, but not too bright. And every colour has to communicate a specific semantic purpose. Therefore, I started working on a colour scheme about five years ago. Yesterday, I felt like it was finally "finished" and decided to share it with the world. I uploaded my Icy Juice theme to plugins.jetbrains.com. In this way, I can also edit it in PhpStorm and share it with GoLand and IntelliJ without fiddling around with the import/export menus.

Screenshot: An Icy Juice example. You can see some dummy TypeScript code here.

Yep, that is all I wanted to say. I hope some of you like the composition of colours. Enjoy!