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Extract an entity from EasyAdmin requests

in Php · 1 min read

I just had to extract the entity that I was currently working on from an EasyAdmin 4 request and had a quick look at the existing best practices. I usually don't write about code snippets, but I found it odd that there are so many entity-specific solutions for this common issue o ...

Becoming a better software developer – with science

in Golang · 5 min read

Wow, now that is a title. I have spent a good chunk of this year reading books about software development. The latest one (which I am still reading at the moment) is called "The Programmer's Brain" by Felienne Hermans and has reactivated many memories. I did my Master's degree in ...

Recommend recent books on web and software development in general

in Typescript · 3 min read

Throughout my career, I read many books on web and software development. Some of them were highly influential during the beginning of my career, like "Clean Code" by Robert C. Martin and "The Pragmatic Programmer" by Andrew Hunt and David Thomas. Others were more useful when I wa ...

Icy Juice: My personal colour scheme

in Jetbrains · 1 min read

I am picky when it comes to colour schemes. Themes have to be dark, but not too dark. Colours have to be bright, but not too bright. And every colour has to communicate a specific semantic purpose. Therefore, I started working on a colour scheme about five years ago. Yesterday, I ...

Writing better TypeScript

in Typescript · 6 min read

I just finished reading two books on TypeScript that I can wholeheartedly recommend. These books are "Programming TypeScript" by Boris Cherny (O'Reilly, 2019) and "Effective TypeScript" by Dan Vanderkam (O'Reilly, 2019). Both books are excellent and I learned a lot from reading t ...